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Leica Eyecare Lifestyle - The premium lenses DRIVE, PHOTO, SPORT

Discover the essential. For Leica Eyecare covers all visual needs with its range of premium lenses. Whether for ametropia, for relaxed vision at work or during leisure time. Leica Eyecare offers exactly the right lens for all requirements for a perfect vision.

Diversity is unique

Why do we see differences as something that separates us, rather than something that has the power to connect? After all, it is our differences that make us really interesting. That opens up new worlds to us. And enriches the old worlds we’ve set up for ourselves. It’s time to broaden our view. Let’s see once again what makes the world so diverse: our uniqueness.

VARIOVID® DRIVE: Having a clear view of things doesn’t always mean a philosophical insight. Sometimes it simply means being able to move safely through the world. Driving is a good example.

Do you drive a lot for work or pleasure? Our DRIVE lenses offer you a product that can fulfil the special demands of driving glasses: sharp vision in the most varied lighting and weather conditions, day or night, rain or shine. They’re available as single vision and progressive lenses.

VARIOVID® SPORT: Score points, break records, exceed your expectations. Sport is, at the end of the day, about achieving goals. VARIOVID® SPORT helps you keep your eyes on the goal – and enjoy the process. How? By making your glasses with sports lenses a part of your sports equipment that you really appreciate, instead of something that gets in your way.

DIGIVID® PHOTO: Capture moments that move you – with clear vision for what is true. We’ve developed a specialised lens that helps you focus on what’s true – especially for professional and amateur photographers. It is perfect for camera work and has two visual areas: one that delivers distortion-free vision through a viewfinder and a clear view into the distance, another for checking your shots on the display and adjusting your camera.

Customise your lenses with various options such as coatings and tints.


Premium in every respect

For more than 100 years, Leica has been striving for optical excellence and visual perfection, helping to transform vision into personal fulfillment. Especially in terms of user-centered design and performance in photography and sports optics - and this since day one - they contribute to an outstanding and iconic culture of vision. This is exactly what we continue to do with ophthalmic lenses. The unrivalled premium lenses are manufactured with the same care in Germany to make seeing the world as real and natural as possible. Discover what makes Leica Eyecare special.