Product-Highlight opti 2024

Leica Eyecare MONOVID® - The premium single vision lens

Discover the essential. For Leica Eyecare covers all visual needs with its range of premium lenses. Whether for ametropia, for relaxed vision at work or during leisure time. Leica Eyecare offers exactly the right lens for all requirements for a perfect vision.

Open your eyes to beauty

Isn’t it time to talk about true beauty? About beauty found in hidden places, beyond ideals and social norms? Let’s rediscover what we all too often overlook. It’s time to see more clearly.

Sometimes the way we see reality becomes blurred. And the reason is often quite natural: defective vision. So what do you do if you want to see sharply again for longer periods, but can no longer do so without glasses?

Our MONOVID® premium single vision lens provides optimum compensation for far-sightedness, near-sightedness and astigmatism, so it helps you see what’s real in the world again.

Equally, often, we overlook the little things that make a big difference. That’s why our MONOVID® Digital single vision lenses for spectacles provide close-up support. Their design is perfect if you want to switch between screens, documents, and phones in everyday digital life, or if you want to enjoy relaxed close-up vision again over long periods, such as when gardening or doing crafts.

Customise your lenses with various options such as lifestyle variant SPORT, coatings, and tints.


Premium in every respect

For more than 100 years, Leica has been striving for optical excellence and visual perfection, helping to transform vision into personal fulfilment. Especially in terms of user-centred design and performance in photography and sports optics - and this since day one - they contribute to an outstanding and iconic culture of vision. This is exactly what we continue to do with ophthalmic lenses. The unrivalled premium lenses are manufactured with the same care in Germany to make seeing the world as real and natural as possible. Discover what makes Leica Eyecare special.