Area 98 S.r.l.

Area 98 S.r.l.

Short description

Area98 is an eyewear company that has always been growing and improving, with a resolute commitment to providing products of superlative quality and exceptional beauty. Area 98's portfolio consists of 5 different, unique brands: Coco Song - CCS - La Matta - Kaos - Genesis

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Range of products

  • F Metal frames
  • F Premium frames
  • F Acetate frames
  • F Jewel glasses
  • F Eyewear trends

About us

Creativity,  innovation, intuition and originality.

‍These are the ingredients that make Area 98 a star in the eyewear sector.

The company headquarters in Udine, is a place where history and nature meet – a perfect little paradise outside the city where experienced professionals and design artists give free rein to their creativity to create mini masterpieces.

Dynamism, product culture, internationally-inspired design, a portfolio embracing exclusive proprietary brands, a truly diverse product offering in terms of targets and price ranges are the values that make Area98 continuously grow and improve to provide all its customers with high quality beautiful eyewear.

All of Area 98's eyewear brands are the result of skilled collaboration by a team of professionals who apply themselves with passion and expertise every day.

Age-old goldsmithing and craftsmanship techniques are partnered with modern processing methods. State-of-the-art systems and time-honoured materials come together in the frames of the various Area 98 brands to create beautiful pieces for everyday wear.

The Area 98 team is always on the hunt for the most tasteful, precious materials to use in their eyewear: feathers, silk cloth, dried flowers, semi-precious stones and 24kt gold leaves create truly exclusive eyewear that brings out all the individuality of the wearer's character.

Area 98 offers a dedicated customer care to ensure maximum assistance and product guarantees. A dedicated mother-tongue team will respond immediately and find a solution to any after-sales problem within 24 hours.

The brand's Customer Care professionals are only an email or a call away, ready with tailored services at every stage, from problem solving to consultation.