mark´ennovy GmbH

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mark'ennovy specializes in crafting personalized soft contact lenses for wearers at every stage of their vision journey. Whether addressing progressing myopia, astigmatism or the visual needs associated with presbyopia,our soft lenses are individually crafted to meet the unique needs of each wearer.


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Range of products

  • C Contact lenses/optical lenses
  • C Solutions for contact lenses
  • F Myopia Management

About us

mark’ennovy is committed to driving innovation and embracing a forward-thinking approach in shaping the evolution of the contact lens industry. With one of the most extensive global product portfolios, we offer eye care professionals a unique combination of materials, parameters, and geometries, carefully tailored to meet diverse needs. 

In addition to our extensive lens selection, we provide value-added services, including optician-led technical guidance and prompt delivery. This comprehensive offering is dedicated to supporting our customers in delivering the highest standard of care to their patients.

As a leading custom monthly soft contact lens manufacturer, mark'ennovy is dedicated to delivering precise solutions for every prescription. Our process commences with the unique measurements of the eye, ensuring a personalized fit for each wearer. Individually crafted to meet specific requirements, our lenses bring together contact lens parameters, geometries, and materials, complemented by expert technical advice. This commitment is further supported by cutting-edge manufacturing technology and an unwavering focus on the Eye Care Professional.

At mark'ennovy, we recognize that each lens journey begins and concludes with the Eye Care Professional. From the initial consultation to the successful final fit, our passion is evident at every stage, nurturing meaningful interactions between eye care professionals and their patients. We believe in empowering professionals with a comprehensive range of lenses and supporting their unwavering commitment to delivering the highest level of vision care.

Acknowledging that eye care needs evolve throughout a patient's lifetime, mark'ennovy stands ready to address these changing requirements at every stage. Whether it's managing progressing myopia, addressing astigmatism, or adapting to the visual needs associated with presbyopia, our lenses are designed to provide a personalized solution, ensuring a lifetime of optimal vision care.

Proudly standing as a member of Euclid Vision Group, mark'ennovy is part of a dynamic network dedicated to revolutionizing eye health on a global scale.