Menicon GmbH

Short description

Menicon is dedicated to bringing life into sharp focus. Our unique range of innovative lenses provide a solution for eye conditions at ever age and stage of life, delivering exceptional comfort and ease of use to make contact lenses the effortless choice for clearer vision.

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Range of products

  • C Contact lenses/optical lenses
  • C Solutions for contact lenses
  • C accessories for contact lenses
  • S Education and training
  • S Marketing/consulting

About us

Pioneers in contact lens innovation since 1951

As a pioneering company that developed Japan’s first practical corneal contact lens, Menicon has held steadfast to values of safety and strived to create comfortable and convenient contact lenses. Currently, we are moving forward as a global enterprise while providing the joy of sight to the world.

By melding creative technology and detailed customer service inherent to Japan, we hope to give you much to look forward to in our future as we strive to “provide better vision.”

Dedicated to contact lenses

With our head office in Nagoya, Japan, we create all of our contact lenses from beginning to end, developing our own unique materials to which we apply the science of vision and design.