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optomap® the ONLY Single-Capture, Ultra-Widefield Retinal Image An investment in optomap technology enhances your clinical care and helps differentiate your practice.

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  • R Optometry and ophthalmology instruments

About us

Optos devices provide 200°, single capture ultra-widefield (UWF™) optomap retinal images in less than ½ second.  These images can aid in early detection of diseases and have been shown to increase practice efficiency and enhance patient engagement.  More and more healthcare professionals are using optomap imaging to improve their eye exams while minimizing prolonged face-to-face contact with patients. Beginning the exam process with optomap gives you a look at the patient’s retina before you even enter the exam room.  This preview can call attention to potential problems which require dilation and highlight areas that need extra attention.  optomap imaging also gives you reliable, high-resolution documentation of the status of the retina.