Presenta Nova

Short description

Presenta Nova provides innovative optical display systems for modern optical stores. Our services include optical shop design and production of premium quality optical displays.


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Range of products

  • B Decoration/advertising material
  • B Displays of spectacles
  • R Refraction
  • R Diagnostics
  • S Outdoor advertising
  • S Shop planning
  • S Shopfitting equipment
  • S Window fittings
  • S Showcases
  • S Illumination planning
  • W Workshop equipment
  • F Education & Expertise & Career
  • F Sales & POS

About us

We provide innovative and modular display solutions for optical stores and offices. With our in-house production and a global presence, we have the opportunity to explore new ideas every day.

Working closely with our clients and attentively listening to their needs enables us to develop ideal and functional solutions for every individual space, all in a unique and personalized design. Our close cooperation with clients serves as a constant inspiration, driving the creation of new trends and innovations in the industry.

Utilizing the latest technologies and materials, and through rigorous quality controls, we consistently deliver the next best thing in optical store design each year. Our team of engineers, consultants, and designers is dedicated to creating an efficient yet welcoming environment with a keen attention to detail, impeccable shadow-free lighting, and a contemporary and minimalist design.