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SEIKO Optical Europe GmbH is a subsidiary of Japanese company SEIKO OPTICAL PRODUCTS CO., LTD., a leading global manufacturer of high-tech eyeglass lenses. The company produces, develops, and distributes premium eyeglass lenses, particularly suited for eyeglass wearers.

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Range of products

  • L Bifocal/trifocal lenses
  • L Progressive lenses
  • L Photochromic lenses
  • L Sun protection lenses
  • B Decoration/advertising material
  • R Optometry and ophthalmology instruments
  • R Refraction
  • S Outdoor advertising
  • S Window fittings
  • S Education and training
  • S Marketing/consulting
  • S Edging service
  • S Coatings
  • S custom-made products

About us

Passion for precision

The brand Seiko, globally renowned for its high-precision timepieces, has upheld a high standard of quality for 130 years. Seiko translates to "precision" in Japanese, and excellence is embedded in every Seiko product. The brand's strong heritage ensures top-notch quality and targeted expertise. Passion for precision, individuality, and uncompromising design continue to drive ongoing advancements in the company's optical segment.

It all began in 1881 when founder Kintaro Hattori, at the age of 21, opened a watchmaking shop in Tokyo. Through his work, he laid the foundation for a company that is now synonymous with absolute precision worldwide. Kintaro Hattori didn't settle for just repairing watches for long; soon, he began producing his own models, which quickly gained popularity due to their high quality. By 1936, Seiko had already sold over two million watches and clocks, nearly two-thirds of Japan's total production. The Seiko brand soon achieved international success. In 1964, Seiko made its debut at the Tokyo Olympics with the first electronic timepiece. On December 25, 1969, Seiko once again astounded the public by presenting the world's first quartz wristwatch. One innovation followed another, each becoming a vital stepping stone towards the international success of the brand—a brand that consistently impresses with a passion for precision.


Products for the Highest Standards

Craftsmanship, expertise, and the desire to push boundaries are integral to every Seiko development. This holds true for the development and production of eyeglass lenses as well. Precision is infused into every step of the process. The research and development department tirelessly works on technical innovations and innovative production techniques with boundless passion, expertise, and ambition. The resulting patents form the cornerstone of Seiko's international reputation. A prominent example of Seiko lens excellence is the premium progressive lens, Seiko Brilliance, which elevates vision and wearing comfort in SEIKO's individual progressive lens segment to an entirely new level.


An Exclusive Network

Through the Seiko Vision Specialist Program, Seiko offers an exclusive co-branding network for independent premium opticians. Seiko Vision Specialists benefit in every aspect. Year-round marketing initiatives supported by Seiko empower Seiko customers to increase foot traffic, enhance the shopping experience, boost earnings, and distinctively stand out from competitors. This enables Seiko partners to dedicate valuable time to providing optimal care for their end customers.