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Aalen University: Perfect Combination of Primary Eye Care and Vision Therapy in the part-time Master's degree program

Aalen University offers a unique Master degree program that allows full time practitioners and researchers to study on a part-time basis. Graduates acquire in depth knowledge and deeper understanding in Optometry. The knowledge can be applied to everyday practice.

Aalen University Master's study degree program started over 20 years ago on a part-time basis allowing full-time employment. Clinically orientated lectures with hands-on practical training in a laboratory setting are presented once a month over an extended weekend (Friday through Tuesday). This gives the opportunity to study in a Master degree program with guidance from leading experts and practitioners in the field of optometry from the US and Europe.

The Aalen Master degree program ”M.Sc. Vision Science and Business (Optometry)"
offers broad variety of optometry-related courses. The classes are predominantly lectured  by renowned professors from the Pacific University College of Optometry (Forest Grove, OR), US, in English language.

Clinical rotation (Binocular Vision/Vision Therapy/Low Vision, Pediatric, Ocular Disease, Comprehensive Eye Exams and Contact Lenses) is offered in the US at the State University of New York (SUNY).

Visit us at hall C4 booth 141A.

Apply now or by January 15, 2024 at the latest to start in July 2024!