Product-Highlight opti 2024

Hoyalux iD MySelf - High-end progressive lenses for optimal vision right from the start

Hoyalux iD MySelf is the innovative high-end progressive lens that rounds off the HOYA portfolio in the best tradition of the iD family. It is especially aimed at demanding customers who expect even wider visual fields, less distortion and makes it easy to quickly get used to the lenses.

Hoyalux iD MySelf achieves an unprecedented quality of vision: customers experience the subjectively best possible binocular vision. This is achieved through the interaction of five groundbreaking, proprietary HOYA technologies. The integrated double surface design minimizes optical distortion and reduces eye movement. AdaptEase Technology achieves wide visual fields for all distances, ensures comfortable use of digital devices thanks to an optimized intermediate area, and makes it easier to get used to the lenses. The HOYA IDentifier, HOYA's unique consultation tool, enables lenses to be fully adapted to the needs of the spectacle wearer. Two other technologies deserve special mention: Binocular Harmonization Technology and the innovative 3D Binocular Vision.

Binocular vision in unparalleled quality

Presbyopes often have different visual acuities in their right and left eyes. Hoyalux iD MySelf takes this difference into account and compensates for the additional difference in strength between the eyes using the unique Binocular Harmonization Technology.

By adding the innovative 3D Binocular Vision Technology, Hoyalux iD MySelf can control the unwanted prism effect in the peripheral areas of the lens. As a result, progressive lens wearers benefit from significantly reduced peripheral distortion. This is a decisive advantage, especially today, when progressive lens wearers participate intensively in the digital and dynamic world.

The Hoyalux iD MySelf is another milestone in the history of HOYA progressive lens innovations. Unpleasant effects such as blurred vision, swaying and focusing deficits can be counteracted even better. Even in the very short acclimatization period, customers experience the optimal visual experience. Especially today, when progressive lens wearers participate intensively in the digital and dynamic world, these advantages are invaluable.