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With over 150 branches and subsidiaries and approx. 37,000 employees, HOYA is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-quality eyeglass lenses. Hoya Lens Germany has been a strong partner for medium-sized opticians for more than 40 years.

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Range of products

  • F Goggles
  • L Bifocal/trifocal lenses
  • L Progressive lenses
  • L Photochromic lenses
  • L Sun protection lenses
  • B Decoration/advertising material
  • R Optometry and ophthalmology instruments
  • R Refraction
  • S Outdoor advertising
  • S Window fittings
  • S Education and training
  • S Marketing/consulting
  • S Coatings
  • S custom-made products

About us

With its guiding principle "For the Visionaries", the lens manufacturer HOYA focuses on visionary personalities in the field of ophthalmic optics. What makes a visionary? In the eyes of HOYA, it is vision that allows us to achieve optimal visual comfort for the customer. In addition, commitment is an important aspect - striving for an even better solution. Last but not least, competence is part of it: Expert knowledge and experience that one acquires and continually expands. Those who have vision, commitment and competence can develop and realise visionary solutions. HOYA's concern is to effectively support all visionaries - with innovative products, practice-oriented tools and sustainable concepts.

 Hoya Lens Deutschland has been a strong partner for medium-sized opticians for more than 40 years and sets trends with its developments that shape the industry. Product developments in the field of individual progressive lenses, for example, are inseparably linked with HOYA in the German market. In 2004, Hoya Lens Deutschland launched the Hoyalux iD. The first integrated double-surface design with HOYA's patented iD FreeForm Design technology took into account the personal characteristics and requirements of the spectacle wearer for the first time. This technology is still fundamental to numerous current products in HOYA's progressive portfolio today - including the high-class progressive lens Hoyalux iD MySelf, launched in 2020, which sets new standards in binocular vision.

 The pursuit of the best individual solution for each customer also determines the new near-range portfolio launched in 2022. Opticians can thus offer their customers custom-fit solutions: from the HOYA Supereader with more depth of field in the reading area to the premium close-up lens Hoyalux iD Workstyle 3, which enables spatial vision exactly as required.

 The future of vision and ophthalmic optics is something that HOYA, as one of the world's largest lens manufacturers, is particularly passionate about. HOYA offers a solution with Sync III lenses, especially for teenagers and younger adults who use digital devices intensively.

HOYA also has its eye firmly on the youngest spectacle wearers. As studies suggest, the increase in indoor close-up activities and the intensive use of digital devices are probably responsible for the worldwide increase in myopia in childhood. It is not uncommon for myopia to progress after initial correction, affecting quality of life and increasing the risks of eye disease later in life. HOYA addresses this with a safe, effective, and non-invasive solution—MiYOSMART, an innovative spectacle lens equipped with D.I.M.S. technology. Scientific studies, including a long-term study published in the spring of 2022, confirm its ability to slow down myopia progression effectively. In 2023, the portfolio was expanded with the new sunglass lenses MiYOSMART Chameleon and MiYOSMART Sunbird.