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More success for opticians: The B.I.G. VISION™ marketing campaign 2024

In 2024, Rodenstock will give you the opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition and increase customer frequency. Get to know the possibilities of the B.I.G. VISION™ Marketing Campaign 2024 and find out how you can make your business even more succesful.

Our campaign topics at a glance

LAYR TECHNOLOGY: Do your customers want to see life more clearly? You have the solution!

Layer by layer to clearer vision, with the best finish for our best lenses: With the new LayR
Technology, you have a strong, easy-to-understand argument to inspire your customers for clearer vision with biometric lenses. Our campaign supports you with crystal-clear communication of the multifunctional benefits of each individual LayR layer and emphasizes that you always have the right solution to guarantee the best vision.

EYE CARE CHECK: Become a specialist optician beyond vision

With the Rodenstock Eye Care Check, you can support your customers with preventive healthcare. With the help of our campaign, you can publicize your attractive new service and at the same time have the opportunity to increase your sales of biometric lenses. In this way, you position yourself as a specialist optician beyond vision and become a valuable partner for (eye) health.

THE WORLD OF BEST VISION: Show competence and diversity

Inspire your customers with your expertise and a range of lenses and additional services that you can offer in this variety: from biometric lenses to clearer vision thanks to LayR Technology and options for protecting children's eyes with MyCon™ through to the innovative Eye Care Check.

MYCON™: Myopia management for children

Use the enormous potential of MyCon™! You don't have MyCon™ in your range yet? We will support you right from the start with numerous strong sales campaigns.

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