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SEIKO SMARTZOOM – The precise solution for all digitally affine customers

Spending several hours a day on digital devices is common for many people. It can lead to increased eyes fatigue, manifesting in various discomforts. SEIKO SmartZoom was developed to make the use of digital devices more convenient.

SEIKO SmartZoom lenses are tailored to the current lifestyle, characterized by the extensive use of digital devices in both work and leisure. They offer exceptional vision as well as maximum comfort and relaxation. Wearers can effortlessly change focus and switch between viewing distances and devices. SmartZoom lenses are available in two versions: SEIKO SmartZoom Xceed and SEIKO SmartZoom.

SEIKO SmartZoom Xceed lenses not only relieve the eye but also provide an exceptional visual experience thanks to tailor-made lenses according to individual parameters. The integrated technology supports accumulation, relieves the eye muscles and allows relaxed switching from one distance to another. It enables customers to experience effortless, precise vision throughout the day that adapts to personal needs.

SEIKO SmartZoom lenses are made to standard parameters and provide relaxed vision when using digital devices.

The SEIKO SmartZoom aspheric lenses (360° inside) are incredibly thin and light. That's why they guarantee a large field of vision with exceptional visual acuity. Seiko's exclusive Balance Zone Technology adds elegance to the wearer and better vision. The revolutionary Zoom Power at the lower part of the lenses reduces digital eye stress and the potential symptoms that may accompany it, such as headaches, neck pain, tired or irritated eyes.

Zoom Power comes in four categories to allow for exact adjustment to personal needs. Each value is determined according to age, lifestyle, and the degree of visual stress (Digital Eye Strain) in the range of 0.5 - 0.75 - 1.0 - 1.25. Thus, SEIKO SmartZoom offers an optimal solution for all customers who frequently work with digital devices in everyday life and at work.

SEIKO SmartZoom lenses are available with a maximum choice of options. The combination of material, finishing and tinting determines the perception of the spectacle wearer. In general, it is advisable to choose SEIKO SmartZoom with an SRB coating to protect the eyes from the blue light emitted by all screens. Furthermore, you have plenty of choices to tailor these lenses to fit seamlessly into any part of your life where digital devices play a role.