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In the eyewear industry, the Japanese frame manufacturer CHARMANT enjoys a worldrenowned reputation for quality, service and technical innovation. The company designs, manufactures and sells spectacle frames and sunglasses under various house and licenced brands.


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Range of products

  • F Plastic frames
  • F Licensed brand frames
  • F Metal frames
  • F Premium frames
  • F Rimless spectacles
  • F Nylor glasses
  • F Titan frames
  • F Reading glasses
  • F Acetate frames
  • F Stainless steel glasses
  • F Sunglasses
  • F Clips
  • F Plastic sunglasses
  • F Licensed brand sunglasses
  • F Metal sunglasses
  • B Ad Lib
  • B Aristar
  • B CHARMANT Titanium Perfection
  • B Line Art CHARMANT
  • B Minamoto
  • B ELLE
  • B Esprit
  • B GEO Eyewear

About us

For over 65 years, the Japanese company CHARMANT has been recognised worldwide for its pioneering work in the research and development of new technologies in the optical industry. As one of the most important manufacturers and suppliers in the highly competitive international ophthalmic market, CHARMANT has been working for decades on the question of what can be done on the basis of its own expertise to enrich the lives of spectacle wearers and make them more comfortable. The answer: producing the best and most comfortable spectacle frames for every conceivable situation and occasion.

In an age that is still largely characterised by short-lived consumer goods, CHARMANT creates a sensible and sustainable alternative for those who value the highest quality and functionality with its high-quality products. With this promise in mind, the company manufactures its products under optimum conditions in its own production facilities, often using highly skilled manual labour. All CHARMANT products fulfil the highest quality standards to be found in the global eyewear industry. These high standards are applied throughout the entire development and manufacturing process - from the selection of materials and their processing to the final product testing.

The right choice of material is at the heart of every frame and influences all subsequent stages of production. Many years of experience help the developers to decide which material to use for which part of the frame in order to achieve the best possible functionality, such as optimum flexibility.

To ensure that the frames fulfil the highest standards in terms of safety and quality, each product undergoes a whole series of tests, some of which go beyond the legally required product tests, before it is released for sale. The durability of the hinges, elasticity, allergy tests and the reaction of the material to substances containing alcohol (e.g. hairspray) are just some of the components that are put through their paces.

CHARMANT's great passion for titanium is well known in the eyewear industry and manifests itself in many different ways. It is the only company to produce its own material, such as Excellence Titanium. With an extensive collection portfolio of titanium eyewear, the eyewear manufacturer caters to the most diverse needs of spectacle wearers and offers an individual style for every taste.

In order to familiarise its customers with the advantages of this remarkable material and to enable them to use it profitably for themselves and their business, CHARMANT offers titanium seminars and online workshops on request.

In addition to a wide range of house brands, mainly made of titanium, the company has also been selling the popular licensed brands Esprit and Elle for over 25 years.

Despite its global orientation, the CHARMANT Group remains true to its typical Japanese values. These values are reflected in both the company's philosophy and its manufacturing ethos, which uncompromisingly prioritises the highest quality, absolute reliability and outstanding service. Thanks to its expertise in the production of high-quality spectacle frames and its extensive global distribution network in over 80 countries, the CHARMANT Group is highly regarded as a reliable business partner.