Short description

Disop is a manufacturer with a wide range of contact lens care and ocular health products. It provides healthcare professionals with personalized solutions for each contact lens user and the best option for relieving the most common eye disorders.


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Range of products

  • C Contact lenses/optical lenses
  • C Solutions for contact lenses
  • C accessories for contact lenses

About us

The widest range of products for contact lens care

Disop investigates

In our laboratory, we develop novel and innovative formulas for ocular health and contact lens care. We work with state-of-the-art ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, and hold several patents.

Disop manufactures

In our facilities, we manufacture products under our own brands and as private labels for other  customers.

Disop distributes

We are well-versed in regulations for marketing and registering our formulas worldwide, allowing us to sell our products in 30+ countries.

Disop is now part of a large group of ocular health companies

Since 2022, Disop is a proud member of the Euclid Vision Group family.