Myopia Management

Myopia management moves the ophthalmic industry. That is why the focus at opti is on the international exchange of knowledge on the treatment and control of myopia.

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MPG & E Handel und Service GmbH C4 / 511

First 15 then 25 percent of all children and adolescents myopic

In Germany, around 15 percent of all children become myopic by the end of primary school. By the age of 25, the proportion of myopics and thus the risk of serious eye diseases rises to around 45 percent.


Rodenstock MyCon: The solution for children with myopia

Rodenstock MyCon lenses are designed to correct myopia, ensure sharp vision and counteract the progression of myopia in any nearsighted child, even preventively.

CooperVision GmbH C4 / 345

Pivotal International Seven-Year MiSight® 1 day Contact Lens Study Indicates No Myopia Control Rebound in Children

CooperVision, a world leader in myopia control and management for children, today announced new seven-year findings from its pivotal MiSight® 1 day contact lens clinical trial. Data Shows Eye Growth Slowed for All Tested Ages with Highly-Desired Proportional Treatment Effects.

Visall GmbH C4 / 461

MYOSLOW - Get short-sightedness under control

Short-sightedness cannot be cured, but we can do something about it together. Our MYOSLOW concept helps you to advise your smallest customers in a completely product-independent way and to find joint approaches to solutions.

Carl Zeiss Vision GmbH several locations

ZEISS Myopia Management in Europe

From April 2023, ZEISS solutions for the management of progressive myopia will also be available in Europe. Years of research show that prevalences differ and the risks associated with progressive myopia require specific solutions for different target groups.

CooperVision GmbH C4 / 345

Small eyes, big responsibility

Together against myopia for the next generation: After a three-year break from opti, CooperVision, one of the world's leading manufacturers of soft contact lenses, will once again be represented with an exhibition stand at opti 2024, the International Trade Fair for Optics and Design in Munich.

mark´ennovy GmbH C4 / 114

Mylo: a soft contact lens for comprehensive myopia management powered by the Brien Holden Vision Institute

Mylo, a soft contact lens granted on-label status for myopia management, now presents a comprehensive array of both spherical and toric powers. Mylo integrates cutting-edge Extended Depth of Focus (EDOF) technology to ensure outstanding visual performance, fostering both compliance and efficacy.

Appenzeller Kontaktlinsen AG C4 / 231

i-Shape® Scleral - advanced freeform technology

The i-Shape® scleral lens is no longer manufactured using the standard process, but according to individual profilometry data of the patient's eye and thus corresponds to the biometric "fingerprint" of the eye.

CooperVision GmbH C4 / 345

Peer Review Paper Verifies MiSight® 1 day Six-Year Study Findings

Seminal Study Details Published in Ophthalmic and Physiological Optics, Affirming CooperVision Myopia Control Leadership, Companion Video Offers Highlights for ECPs.

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Experience at the booth

Win 2 tickets incl. overnight stay for the Optics Conference by eyebizz 2024!

The Optics Conference is the event for opticians and optometrists who want to keep up to date with the latest developments in eye health and myopia management. Visit us in Hall C3.361 and with a bit of luck you could win 2 tickets including an overnight stay.

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