Health and well-being take center stage: opti presents a holistic approach to pre- and post-operative care, screening, visual comfort and hearing acoustics, supported by innovative solutions and technologies.

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Neostyle GmbH & Co. KG C2 / 630

Low vision: eyes are important to us!

NEOSTYLE offers a range of low-vision products for people who are sensitive to unpleasant glare and visually impaired: side protection frames, also with cut-off filters, comfort filters and various tints, fitovers, illuminated magnifying spectacle frames, spectacle frames or attaching OrCam System.

Optima Pharmazeutische GmbH C4 / 233

Lipo Nit® Eye sprays and Eye drops: Highest quality without preservatives

Dry eyes need moisturizing and care: Lipo Nit® eye sprays and eye drops are preservative-free and help your customers to alleviate the symptoms of dry eyes and improve the moisturizing of the eyes and eyelids.

A. SCHWEIZER GmbH C4 / 555

Individual and innovative low vision products

SCHWEIZER offers a wide range of products and solutions for people with low vision: magnifiers and high addition spectacles, video magnifiers, low vision lamps, light protection spectacles, telescopes, and special ophthalmic lenses by the SCHWEIZER brand medi-lens.

OCUMEDA C4 / 131

Why visit an optician for preventive eye care?

Our eyes are exposed to great strain every day and we are getting significantly older than previous generations. The number of people affected by eye diseases is constantly increasing. In order to detect such diseases at an early stage, ophthalmologists recommend regular check-ups.

DISOP S.A. C4 / 130

Acuaiss contains hyaluronic acid, which is the ideal substance for eye care.

We are increasingly recognizing the significance of maintaining optimal ocular health. Despite the inherent defense and regeneration mechanisms of our eyes, they often face exposure to adverse conditions such as heating, air conditioning, and prolonged screen use.

Clear Eye Systems GmbH C3 / 551A

tearlup - Finally, eye drops that really help!

Unique formulation, breakthrough eye drops based on the latest liposomal technology! tearlup relieves dry eye symptoms in no time! Convince yourself and stay tuned!

DISOP S.A. C4 / 130

Hidro Health, the product family specialized in contact lens care

Within the Hidro Health family, there is a comprehensive range of products for contact lens care. Each formula supports a personalized lens care solution, taking into careful consideration the factors affecting the contact lens, as well as those attributed to the individual user’s lifestyle.

Omega Optix, s.r.o. C4 / 171

Czech manufacturer and distributor of spectacle lenses

We are the leading Czech manufacturer and distributor of spectacle lenses with thirty years of experience in the field of spectacle lenses. We are the right business partner that provides relevant individual solutions for the growth and development of your business!

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